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French drains are both beautiful and serve a great purpose. At L.C. Irrigation & Landscape Construction, we understand this and would be happy to install French drains on your property. If you are experiencing excessive water from neighboring yards, a French drain may be right for you.

By surveying your property, we will determine the best location to install the French drain, so you get the best results. We will make sure to re-route water away from any structures and especially away from the foundation of your home. When installing French drains, we will make sure not to drain into a neighboring yard.

French drains should be engineered to be a 1% grade for every 100 feet in length. Our expert landscaping technicians make sure to follow this as close as possible, to give you the best amount of drainage. We will measure each step precisely, ensuring the French drain will be installed properly.

Once the drain has been dug, we will line it with landscaping fabric to keep out any dirt or gravel that may find its way into the drainage area. From there, we will apply gravel, which allows water to percolate through it. This is the main part of French drains. After that is complete, we will cover the gravel with the rest of the landscape fabric and top it off with coarse sand. A layer of topsoil will cover it, and it will be complete.

For the finest French drain installation in the Broken Arrow, OK area, use us at L.C. Irrigation & Landscape Construction. We have many years building French drains and will install the best one for your home. We take the time and precision to do it correctly, so schedule and appointment today!

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